I'm a conversation analyst, I'm interested in the study of language and social interactions. I have focused particularly on describing the interactional work that some –so called– discourse markers or interjections do in Spanish naturally occurring interactions. I'm also interested in the study of institutional talk such as news interviews and buying-selling encounters. At the moment I'm looking at scepticism in conversation and the social interaction in the English language classroom.

Ongoing projects

Informing sequences

I study sequences of everyday conversations where there are news or information turns; I am interested in the design of these sequences, its linguistic characteristics, and especially the social actions that occur in these interactional contexts. The data I use for this project is a corpus of everyday conversations in Mexican Spanish from the city of Toluca. So far I have described the use of a poco in these sequence and am currently investigating sequences of ritualised disbelief paying particular attention to the relationship between turn design, interactional knowledge management (i.e., epistemics), and scepticism.

Corpus of naturally occurring interaction of Mexican Spanish, collected in 2009.

Selling and buying interactions

In a corpus of interactions in a greengrocery store in the city of Toluca, I investigate the institutional nature of the conversational encounters that take place there, particularly those related to sales and to the deployment of the institutional identities of the participants during their social interaction. Currently, I am focused on epistemic asymmetries, i.e., on how the salesperson and the clients contend to express their expertise in certain aspects of the conversational event.

Corpus of interactions on a greengrocery store in Toluca, corpus colected in 2017

EFL classroom interactions

In a small corpus of English as a foreign language classes I investigate teachers’ and students’ so-called classroom interactional competence. Currently, I am focused on investigating the interactional and social characteristics of the micro-teaching modality; that is, I seek to describe the structures and systematicities of the social actions carried out in a group of teachers who simultaneously teach classes.

Corpus of EFL micro-teaching classes, collected in 2018-19 

Wittgenstein and CA

I have been investigating the parallelism of ideas of Wittgenstein's second philosophy and the foundational notions of conversational analysis.

Wittgenstein by Ben Towle, 2011

My thesis


"Sequential-markers in Mexican Spanish talk: a conversation-analytic study". University of Essex, 2014. [pdf]


"Agreement and Epistemic in Mexican Spanish Talk". University of Essex, 2009.
"The Vicente Fox-Rubén Luengas encounter: linguistic hostility in the news interview". University of Essex, 2008.


Research project, "The relationship between language and society" (essay), UAEMex, 2007.